Our Story

Vision and MissionTo dress others in a manner that expresses their style and uniqueness while inspiring self-confidence. Our goal is to provide you with the latest fashions and trends at affordable prices. 

History: Hi I'm Trish. My greatest passion is "my love for unique handbags" as you will see in our "Purse Store". I have always received compliments on my style; whether clothes or hairstyles it was "my own:". So I've decided to share my love for fashion and style. I've always loved finding unique designer styles at bargain prices. I would noticed how a article of clothing or accessory reminded me of a particular person. I found myself saying " that's so him or her"  I would be so excited, however, nothing is like seeing it for yourself. I began purchasing articles of clothing and reselling them  to my friends for a small profit. It was my way of bringing the right style to the right person. Every personality deserves expression. I shared my idea with a friend who agreed and added that one should always “dress to Impress". so Classic Trendz " Dress to Impress" was born. Many stores offer a version of classic trends; but we offer the Real Classic Trendz. 

Our Team: Our team is a group of people with a set of colorful personalities and unique styles. They represent the epitome of self-expression through fashion. They have identified the latest trends for every body type, every style and for every occasion. If you do not see style that represents you, we want to know.